New year, new you. Or at least we'd all like to believe it. If you've made a 2019 resolution to move more, you'll want to use an activity tracking app or wearable to keep an eye on your progress, and thanks to a new feature, Google Fit could be one of these options. The service is launching new challenges that aim to keep you moving throughout the year.

Open the Fit app on your phone and you'll see a banner asking you whether you want to "Challenge yourself this New Year." Tap to learn more, then sign up for the challenges, and Fit will start tallying up your Heart Points (i.e. minutes of intense activity) throughout the month. Several milestones will be unlocked each month, and Google reminds us that 150 points per week are recommended by the American Heart Association.

If you're using Fit on your phone, there's nothing you need to do beside carrying your device with you to get walks, runs, and bike rides automatically logged — though you can still manually track other exercises if you wish. If you have a Wear OS watch, it will also automatically log these activities, but you can participate in challenges by opening the Fit Workout app, scrolling to Challenges, and choosing a sit-up, push-up or squat challenge. Those will add a few more heart points to your daily total.