Popular password manager Enpass has released its v6 update, branding it "The Himalayan Edition." It had been in beta for a few months already and has been called the single largest update since the app's inception. Noteworthy new features include multiple vaults, shared vaults, and a new third-party audited security architecture.


The UI is clean and uncluttered

Enpass made it to our 5 best password managers for Android list and is Rita's password manager of choice. Along with the new functionality, the update boasts of cosmetic upgrades like a new UI and dark mode. With shared vaults, field history, and an identities section being added, it inches closer to feature parity with larger password managers like 1Password and LastPass, even exceeding them in certain instances, such as the Wear OS support and the archive feature, which keeps items out of search results while auto-filling.

That's just scratching the surface of the app's new functionality, and there's also custom icons, multi-line fields, and secure sharing in the update's changelog:

What’s New

  • Multiple Vaults: We are very excited to have support of more than one vault in Enpass to collaborate with our family and team members, keeping our personal data separate in Primary vault. It was, one of the most demanded features from you guys. You can share a vault with others by syncing through a common cloud account where each vault need a distinct cloud account to sync. Just go ahead, and give it a try!
  • Secure Sharing: Every single item that you want to share with others can now be encrypted with a passphrase (call it Pre-Shared Key). You can create PSKs from the Advanced Settings of Enpass after which an additional option to Encrypt with PSK will appear while sharing the item. You need to share the PSK in prior with the intended recipient to enable them to import in their Enpass. Please use a different medium to share the PSK than you’ll use to share the item. -“Keys are always kept hidden from the locks” ;-).
  • Dark Theme: Enjoy the beautiful design with a dark theme on your Android devices.
  • Keyfile Support: You want to have super-duper strong master password, huh! Yeah, but memory has a limit to memorize it. No worries, you can use Enpass 6 to let you use Enpass-Keyfile in addition to your master password as a second factor required to unlock the Enpass on every platform.
  • Custom Icons: Let’s you set any image as an icon for an item.
  • Trash & Archive: You know what to do with Trash. Archive those unwanted items which should be skipped while Searching.
  • Identities: Create identities with personal information for auto-filling long, tedious sign-up forms with a single click.
  • Autocopy TOTP to Clipboard: Enpass can now auto copy the TOTP, just after filling the login details and you can paste that right in there. Go and set 2-step verification on all your logins.
  • Multi-Line Field: It’s a new field type where you can save data in multiple-lines.
  • History of Every Field– Like password fields, you can now see history of changes in every kind of fields in an item except Notes.
  • A separate section under ‘Groups’ tab to have a quick look on all TOTPs & Attachments.
  • Added localization support for Afrikaans, Malay, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish.


  • Improved Security: The real stuff!! Enpass 6 comes with far better protection for your data. Check out more about Security on our website.
  • Tags: Folders in previous Enpass were more or like Tags and so we have renamed them to Tags. And yes, they are nested too.
  • Improved Password generator and more brutal strength estimator. Again, Security Matters the most!
  • Password Expiry: From now onwards you can set an expiry date to any password field and check for them from ‘Audit’ tab, when they are going to expire.
  • Eight digits TOTP support.
  • Unlike older version, Password generator has no limitation of five passwords in history.

The Enpass 6 update is free for all existing users, with the Pro version of the app being discounted to $5.99 from a regular price of $11.99 — this is a per-user, per-platform price, though. The desktop app (which has been free so far) also picks up new premium features that now require a purchase — this one's also on sale for $5.99 right now.

It's heartening to see a company continue with a per-device approach to pricing in 2019. Other password managers like 1Password moved to subscriptions in 2017, citing the license model as unsustainable. If the developer, Sinew Software Systems, can continue to push out regular updates and afford to keep the lights on, more power to them. The fact that Enpass doesn't store any of your data on the company's servers is another feather in its hat, making it the user-friendly alternative to KeePass.

Enpass is available on AndroidiOS, MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

Enpass Password Manager
Enpass Password Manager