One of my favorite smartphone cases are made by Cruzerlite. The unique Androidified and Bugdroid Circuit patterns are funky, nerdy, and cool at the same time, while also showing off my passion for Android. It also helps that the cases come in multiple colors and are made from sturdy TPU that withstands numerous falls. If my Instagram memory serves me well, I've had a Cruzerlite for my LG G2, two for my LG G3, one for my Nexus 5X (I had a similar fascination with shoes), and more — not counting the Cruzerlite cases I bought for friends and relatives.

But over the past year or so, it's been near impossible to find a Cruzerlite case for modern devices and I'll be honest in saying I never thought to look into the reason. I assumed the company had closed up shop, but it turns out there was a heartbreaking reason behind that. Cruzerlite's founder, Joel Michael, was in a fatal car accident in 2017 and his small family-run business had stopped its operations. But today brings us a ray of hope as Renee, his wife and behind-the-scenes partner, announced that Cruzerlite will be back in business soon.

In a Facebook post, Renee related the story of Cruzerlite's beginnings, her late husband's passion, the work the entire family went through to get the company going, the hiatus after Joel's death, and her decision to resurrect Cruzerlite in memory of Joel and to continue his legacy.

Words fail to express how sorry I am for Renee's loss, but I'm also very happy to see her finding the strength to move forward and forge a future for her family while honoring Joel's memory.

Currently, Cruzerlite is selling generic cases on Amazon for some new devices like the Galaxy S9 and Pixel 2, as well as its unique designs for older devices like the LG G6, Moto G5 Plus, and original Pixel. Renee promises the brand's signature Bugdroid Circuit case will come back with the upcoming Galaxy S10, and we hope that many more flagships and midrangers will follow suit. I for one can't wait to get my hands on a new Cruzerlite case for whatever smartphone I buy next, and this time, the cute Bugdroid will have more meaning each time I look at it.