As we inch closer to 2019, you might be one of the many looking to ring in the new year with some new fitness goals. T-Mobile might be able to help with that. The carrier will start a buy one get one (BOGO) deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch on January 2nd. You have to sign up for LTE service on the watches, but free is free.

The Galaxy Watch is a Tizen-based wearable that we found to be pretty solid. Tizen has solid battery life, excellent notification management, and impressive fitness tracking. The app situation is not great, but you can't have everything. T-Mobile offers the LTE version of the watch (42mm) for $375—that means you can leave your phone at home and still stream music, take calls, and send messages.

As with all these carrier BOGO deals, there's some annoying fine print. You pay $15 per month for one of the watches like normal, but the second (which needs to be on a new line) is free via a $15 monthly bill credit. Both watches need to be on a DIGITS plan linking it to your smartphone number. That adds $10 to each line for LTE service on the watch. Do you need LTE on a watch? Most people don't, but it's still a $375 watch for free. The deal is only available for a "limited time."