Some of you may remember as far back as three weeks ago when we announced selecting the OnePlus 6T as our phone of the year. This was after a long and bitter struggle following an internal nomination and selection process. But although the OnePlus 6T topped our own list this year, we're curious to see what you, our collective readers, consider the best phone of the year.

Not to toot our or your horns too hard, but we think our readers have a more sophisticated taste than most when it comes to Android phones, as the elaborate and specific discussions in our comments sections (sometimes) reflect. So we're curious to see how our opinions might compare to yours, especially when it comes to the ratio of votes and the ultimate winner.

The nominees you'll be choosing from, in no particular order, are:

There are a lot more phones that could be on this list, but for this year we've decided to have you all vote from the same pool of devices we internally nominated at the end of our own voting process. Next year I'm considering doing a different method of nomination/selection for our Readers' Choice awards, but for now we'll stick to the same small list the Android Police authors and editors voted from after our own deliberations.

Give yourself a minute, reflect on each of the phones below, maybe refresh your memory with a glance at our reviews if you'd like, but let us know which phone won your heart (and maybe even some of your money) in 2018.

What is your phone of the year?

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