For most people, the 64GB or so of storage that comes standard on higher-end phones these days is more than enough. However, for the select few that require tremendous amounts of local storage, microSD support is a godsend. Earlier this year, PNY introduced a 512GB microSD card, pricing it at a princely $349.99. That price has been slashed to $239.99, $110 off, for today only on Amazon.

Using this PNY Elite 512GB with the right phone, like a 512GB Galaxy Note9, could result in a full terabyte of local storage on one phone. That's pretty crazy to think about. Unfortunately, this card only supports maximum sequential write speeds of 10MB/s, which is a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, this is basically your only option if you want this much additional storage stateside.

This discount is an Amazon Deal of the Day, meaning that it's valid for around 15.5 more hours as of publishing time. $239.99 is by far the lowest price that this card has dropped to in the past. Hit the link below to pick one up. You can also view more PNY storage deals for today here.