Now that Christmas is over there may be more than a few readers out there who have some gifted cash burning a hole in their pocket. It's never easy trying to decide where to spend newly found money, which is why we are excited to announce a 60% flash sale for BESTEK's Height Adjustable Standing Desk and Magnetic Cell Phone Holder, two products that compliment each other perfectly. So if you've been flirting with the idea of setting up a standing desk in your home or office, make sure you don't miss out on BESTEK's generous flash sale.

BESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The BESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk is suitable for anyone under 6.1" of height (fully adjustable from 5.9 inches to 19.7 inches) so that you can easily switch back and forth from a sitting position to a standing position whenever you like. It can support up to 33 pounds of weight and offers a top surface area of 29 inches by 24 inches, which makes it easy to set up a dual monitor display. So if you've ever wanted to setup an adjustable standing desk for your home or office, the BESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a perfect solution that's currently on sale for 60% off.

As long as supplies last you can pick up your very own BESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk for 60% off the standard $224.98 retail price, bringing the total cost down to $89.99. So if you'd like to pick one up just hop on over to BESTEK Mall, add the item to the cart, and then input this coupon code FORPRO60 when checking out.

Purchase hereBESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk

BESTEK Magnetic Cell Phone Holder


The BESTEK Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is the perfect companion piece to an adjustable standing desk. Not only will this phone holder stay in place while adjusting your desk, all thanks to its stable base with a scratch-free rubber underside, but it can also easily hold just about any phone (up to 1.1 pounds) thanks to its adjustable 360 degree magnetic head. So if you've ever required a reliable phone holder for your desk, look no further than the BESTEK Magnetic Cell Phone Holder.

Just like the Height Adjustable Standing Desk, the Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is part of BESTEK's flash sale, so make sure to snag one for 60% off from the BESTEK Mall while you can. When you are checking out input this coupon code FORPRO60 to save $8.24 off of the standard $13.75 retail price, which brings the total cost down to $5.49. If you happen to have the standing desk and phone holder in the same cart, you'll only have to apply the coupon once.

Purchase hereBESTEK Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

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