ASUS has joined the ranks of gaming phone makers with the new ROG Phone. It sports high-end specs and a weird cooling bracket, but how does it stand up to wear and tear? The latest JerryRigEverything video seeks to answer that question. Overall, the ROG Phone does alright.

If you've seen a JerryRigEverything video, you know how this goes. He stabs the phone for a bit with a box cutter to evaluate the materials. It's mostly Gorilla Glass, save for the metal edge and that inlay to one side of the back. The copper grilles are metal, but there's a plastic coating on the front earpiece and mic cover. The video also points out that included cooling bracket has a plastic underside, which makes it basically useless as a way to disperse heat.

Next, it's the flame test. Do I need to tell you not to burn your phone? Okay, don't burn your phone. You're probably here for the bend test, and that's up last. The ROG Phone does creak a few times during the bend, but it doesn't stop working or deform in any noticeable way. So, ASUS made a durable phone. Plus, it's actually surprisingly good as a smartphone.

Did all this prodding and bending get you feeling a little bit curious about what's going on inside this handset? Luckily, JerryRigEverything is back with another ASUS ROG phone edition, this time going under the hood to see how this hardware comes together.

The teardown is illuminating, highlighting design decisions like using side-LED lighting for the phone's glowing logo. And remember those perforated copper-colored "vents" on the rear panel? If you were a little suspicious as to what was going on there it turns out your paranoia was justified, as they seem to be wholly cosmetic.

We don't get a full disassembly of the device, with this effort stopping at the point past which further fiddling seemed destined to render the phone inoperable, but it's still the best look we've had yet into the ROG Phone's hardware.