When it comes to security cameras, there are three brands I currently look at as leading the pack in terms of raw features and integrations with other smart home equipment: Nest, Arlo, and Logi. Today you can get a great deal on the latter, so if you still haven't picked a camp or you're not happy with your current setup, you should take a look at this Logi Circle 2 bundle.

For $300, you can get two Logi Circle 2 wireless (or wire-free if you prefer) security cams and one wired model. This bundle usually retails for $500, making the savings a substantial $200. Though, if we're being honest, we all know these cams have dropped in price frequently. The lowest we've seen is $99 for the wired unit and $119 for the wireless one, however, so the $300 bundle remains cheaper in comparison.

The Circle 2 line-up wasn't well received at first, but with several updates to the cameras and app, plus significant price drops such as these, recent reviews have been more positive. They're good cameras too, with 1080p video, 180-degree field of view, night vision, outdoor weather readiness, smart motion alerts, and compatibility with Google Assistant.

We're not sure how long the deal will be valid for, but given that it's $100 less than anytime before, I'd advise you act quickly if you want to snatch the discount.