If you want to push smartphone photography to the limit, there's no better option than Moment's library of cases and lenses. Once you buy a Moment case for your phone, you can attach any of the company's lenses. One of those is the 18mm Wide Lens, which is currently $79.99 at B&H Photo — $20 off the original MSRP, and $38 lower than the usual Amazon price.

This lens claims to "capture twice as much in your shots of groups, landscapes, and architecture," and includes a cap and microfiber bag. We tried out the Wide Lens earlier this year, and the results were impressive — see for yourself with the below images.

Left: Pixel 2 XL; Right: Pixel 2 XL with Moment Wide Lens

You can buy the Moment Wide Lens from the link below. As a reminder, you'll need one of the company's cases (like this one for the Galaxy S9) to mount the lens to your phone.