We here are at AP pretty into smart lighting. Lights turning on and off automatically when they need to without you having to do anything is just one of those neat little future conveniences. Smart LED strips are a novel approach, and you can currently nab LIFX's smart LED starter kit for $69.99 — the lowest price we've ever seen it.

The starter kit comes with the required base and two meters of LED strips. The strips are made to stick in inconspicuous places and emit light in just about any color you could want (16 million of 'em, LIFX says) to create ambiance for whatever you're doing. The kit is normally $89.99, but it's on sale for $69.99 all over the place. The lowest price we've seen up until now was $71.99 — which isn't a lot more, but this is still a record.

There are a bunch of other LIFX smart lighting products on sale, too, including several types of light bulbs and a neato "light beam" kit that's like wall-mounted smart glow sticks. You can check out the full sale at LIFX's website, or hit the links below to grab yourself an LED strip kit.