The TicWatch Pro is a pretty good smartwatch, as much as any SD Wear 2100 watch running Wear OS can be, anyway. One complaint about it was that you were forced to use Mobvoi's own health app as the default swipe left screen in Wear 2.0 (to the right of your watchface), but that's thankfully no longer the case.

Since the update to Wear 2.2, some TicWatch Pro users have noticed that you can now swipe left and long-press to bring up a choice between TicHealth and Google Fit. Select the latter and you now have Google's app just a swipe away, and will no longer need to use up a complication just to have it close to hand.

Not all users have been able to get this to work, and this Reddit thread suggests that as well as being updated to Wear OS 2.2, a new version of the TicHealth app might also be needed for this option to become available. Other users point out that this isn't exclusive to the TicWatch Pro, also working on the TicWatch E and S, and presumably the new C2 as well, improving each of them in turn.