Look, Essential has been trying to sell you phones and 360-degree cameras for like a year. The original price was a little high, but it's been discounting them over and over, and there are still some left. For a limited time, you can get the Essential 360 Camera for just $24. This device cost a whopping $200 at launch.

The 360 Camera accessory docks to the back of your Essential Phone, pulling power from the pin contacts. The data connection happens over a 60GHz wireless connection with the phone. There's a fan inside the camera that keeps it cool so it can record its 4K spherical video. It's a good camera, but the Essential Phone requirement is what holds it back.

We saw this camera drop as low as $19 over the summer, but this is still a great deal. The $200 price tag is long-gone, but the camera does still sell for $49 most of the time. A 50% discount is nothing to sneeze at. The deal includes a free case (a $9 value) and free US shipping.