HTC was the first Android device maker, and it remained one of the market leaders for years. Its recent performance hasn't been stellar, though. After a long line of lackluster quarters, HTC president Darren Chen promises improvements in 2019. Apparently, HTC is aiming for a sales "reboot" by focusing on high-end and mid-range phones.

That plan sounds pretty vague, which is probably the intention. Chen mentioned the U12+ has sold better than expected, and HTC hopes to continue building on that success with similar flagship phones in 2019. Likewise, the Blockchain-based Exodus 1 moved some units. That phone is sold out (we don't know how many were made), but HTC wants to continue promoting Blockchain devices. As for the mid-range, Chen cited the recently launched Desire 12s with its Snapdragon 435 and sub-$200 price tag. HTC expects sales of that phone to tick upward during Chinese Lunar New Year.

Nothing about this plan sounds dramatically different than the company's current approach. It's possible Chen means the company will have fewer products in these categories, thus focusing on them more effectively. However, selling smartphones the same old way doesn't seem to work for HTC. Chen said that Vive sales are continuing to increase, but that won't save HTC if phone sales don't "reboot."