2018 is almost over, and like any other year, it had its fair share of interesting events. With its Game of the Year, Google wants to see just how much you remember about 2018 by asking questions about trending searches during the past 340-something days.

The Game of the Year features a series of 20 multiple-choice questions about this past year's top trending Google searches. As you go through the questions, they'll get increasingly difficult. I personally only made it to question 7 and a 162-point score before Google deemed that I didn't know enough. Some of the answers were pretty surprising.

The "host" of the game, which narrates the questions and comments after you answer, was created with Google Cloud and WaveNet, the company's machine learning-powered text-to-speech tech. Before the game starts, players can adjust the speed and pitch of the host's voice.

You can play the Game of the Year by clicking here.