In its quest to whiten everything, Google is now testing a new look for its Knowledge Graph search cards that you get when looking for a known movie, TV show, personality, or song. The solid colored card header is gone, replaced by lighter, pastel colors with a white gradient.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the cards still carry out the same information, more or less, and the tabs are still there, but the background color is changing from solid to a light gradient. The color tones also appear to be different too, with books notably switching from a greenish khaki to purple. Other changes you'll notice are the new Follow button that fits with Google's Discover feed rebranding, and a smaller image in the card header.


Above: New. Below: Existing.

This change is showing up server-side for some users only, so it looks like Google is still testing the waters there and seeing what works. I'm personally a little conflicted about it. I like the new color tones chosen — they seem happier to me — but I also liked the solid look before. Perhaps a bit less transparency and white in the gradient would be a great middle ground.

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  • Nick Cipriani