Google Assistant routines can save you a lot of time by executing multiple commands in succession after you say a simple sentence. They started off as "My Day," which brought a simple morning routine, but then multiple routines were enabled, as were custom routines, and finally scheduled routines. But until recently, they were only officially available if you set your Assistant to use English (US). Now, they're supported in many more language/country combinations.

Routines (including custom and scheduled ones) in languages other than English (US) began showing up for some users in August, but at the time, they were quite buggy, kept disappearing and reappearing, and weren't available for everyone. Now, it seems that the feature is official.

Google has updated its Google Home list of supported features from:

Routines (in U.S), My Day (other countries)


Routines, My Day (NL, NO, SV, DK)

And to go along with this change, the Routine support page is now localized for French, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, several country variants of English, and more. The four pages that haven't been localized are for Nederlands, Norsk, Svenska, and Dansk — exactly the same as the new exceptions listed above. For them, only My Day is available.

If you're using Google Assistant in a language other than English (US), and you still didn't have routines, you should check now and try to set up some routines. Many of you probably had the feature working before, but for those who didn't, it should be there soon. And if you speak one of the four still missing languages, there's some hope. At least we know that the feature is being expanded to support more languages.