Last month, Nubia added its contribution to the movement to avoid both a notch and a forehead, with the Nubia X. While previous solutions by Xiaomi, Oppo & Vivo included moving parts, raising questions about their long-term durability, the Nubia X decided it was worth foregoing the front camera altogether and having a second display at the back instead. Today, our favorite vandal durability tester, Zack from JerryRigEverything, put the Nubia X through the paces with his durability test.

While the Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back isn't the latest generation, his scratch test shows it performing similarly with the Pixel 3 (Gorilla Glass 5) and iPhone XS, with scratches starting to show at level 6. The fingerprint sensors on either side had him foreshadowing an iPad Pro Style 'Bendgate,' but the frame held up to his flex tests admirably.

Unlike the primary LCD display, he finds the back to have an OLED, probably to keep the screen more inconspicuous when black. This also allows Nubia to give an always-on-display option for the back.

Having two displays and fingerprint sensors, the user does get a wider choice of grip options. Not having to rely on the long-term durability of a mechanical slider every time you use a camera does make us feel a bit more comfortable too. As long as you aren't someone who frequently takes a 'frontback'/'bothie' with the front and back camera, the Nubia X could be a good way to live a life without notches and still have smaller bezels. We would file this somewhere between "having a hole in your display" and "learning to live with a bit of a forehead."