Having a universal remote is a luxury, but one that can quickly become a necessity once you add a few electronics to your media setup and have four or five different remotes to juggle. Logitech makes the best universal remotes, and today its absolute best, the Harmony Elite, is on sale for its all-time low price of $220 (according to CamelCamelCamel).

The Elite comes with a hub, a touchscreen remote that takes a little getting used to, and an application (Android, iOS, Windows). Once you tell it which devices you own, you can create activities for it that get launched with a single tap. It's quite awesome. I have my Elite linked to my Samsung TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, LG Blu-Ray player, Polk MagniFi Mini soundbar, and my obscure Lebanese cable box (it recognized it). A tap turns on any of the sources, the TV (and switches to the appropriate HDMI input), and the soundbar. Another tap switches to another mode, or turns everything off. I had to spend a few hours to get things right, then another week of tinkering to add the most efficient activities, but now our setup is flawless and we've put all the other remotes in the drawer.

Plus, with the direct Google Assistant integration, I can simply say, "Hey Google, turn on Agents of Shield" and have my Shield TV activity launch while I'm still finishing dinner in the kitchen. It's the future, I tell ya! Oh, and it also integrates with Alexa, IFTTT, and SmartThings.

The Elite can control up to 15 InfraRed devices, plus countless other smart home devices (Hue, LIFX, Nest, for example). It also comes with two IR extenders if you want a better signal for a specific device. In case you're interested, you can check compatibility with all brands and models here.

$220 is the lowest price we've seen on the Harmony Elite. It had dropped to $250 before, and $280 with a Google Home, but never $220 on its own. This price is only available on Amazon now, so you better make up your mind quickly if you want it. Both Best Buy and Abt have it discounted to $250 only, and other retailers I checked seem to be sticking with the original $350 price.