If you rack up a bunch of tabs in Chrome's Android app, closing them is — well, it's not hard, but it's mildly less convenient than it could be. But not for long! Chrome Story has spotted evidence that the browser's tab overview screen will soon have a button to close all your open tabs.

Right now, to close all your tabs, you either have to swipe them all away individually or open the overflow menu and tap Close all tabs. According a Chromium bug log, a redesigned tab switcher toolbar is planned, including a little trash can icon that'll close all tabs.

New toolbar feat. close all tabs.

The redesign doesn't save a whole lot of time; it's only one more tap to close all your tabs from the overflow menu. Still, small conveniences really add to the overall feel of any app, so easier ways of doing things are always appreciated.

We've received several reports that the new functionality is going live for some users. The button to close all your tabs will be where the one to open a new tab used to be, so be on the lookout.

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