The Play Store doesn't provide very precise metrics for app installs, but it does give us general milestones of their success, and Netflix just reached a major one. The ubiquitous streaming service has now reached 500,000,000 installs — that's 500 million, if you don't care to count the commas or zeros.

Netflix's next quarterly financials have yet to be published (they should be in the next few weeks) but the company's been an unstoppable juggernaut with unceasingly rising revenues and a recent explosion in net income. With its primary source of that income being its subscriber base, it isn't surprising to hear the app has hit 500 million installs. For a bit of perspective, Hulu languishes at "10,000,000+", which indicates 10-50 million installs — at maximum a mere 10% of what Netflix has. It's also at #15 on the charts, compared to Hulu's position at 48.

This doesn't mean Netflix has 500 million subscribers. Installs aren't even a metric for active userbase, let alone an indicator of dues received. But it is another huge number among all the other huge numbers to point at when talking about Netflix's tremendous success.

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