It's OK to admit it — you messed up. You thought we were still in the middle of November or something, and that you had weeks left to do your holiday shopping. Well, after you consult with your neurologist about these concerning lost-time events, you can still scramble to pick up a few last-minute holiday deals, with plenty of offers still available on our favorite mobile tech.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact and XA2 Ultra: $120 to $200 off

We hope you're thinking of gifting some smartphones this year, because boy have we seen a lot of them on sale. A couple of those recent deals have popped up over at B&H on Sony phones. While at least some sales have wrapped up, these two are still going strong, letting you save up to $200 on Xperia models. If you're thinking tiny and powerful, the XZ2 Compact is just $450, or there's always the big-screen XA2 Ultra for a mere $280.

LG V35 ThinQ Prime Exclusive: $370 off

Sure, the V35 is a weird side note in LG's V-series story, a definite upgrade over last year's V30 but still somewhat of a stepping stone on the way to the proper V40 follow-up. Even if the market is a little confused about how to handle this device, you can enjoy some nice savings, with Amazon selling the handset right now for $530.

Honor View10: $120 off

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a nicely equipped Android, and Honor is all about capitalizing on value. The View10 was already an attractive model at $500, but at $380 it's worth some serious consideration. This steep discount may only apply to one color option, but when you're getting so much phone for so little, it's hard to complain.

Nokia 6.1: $50 off

That kind of price cut may not sound like much, but when you're starting with one of the most budget-friendly phones around, you can only slash prices so far without giving the phone away for free. Now available for well below $200, the $180 Nokia 6.1 is verging on impulse-buy territory.

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphones: $50 to $65 off

OK, these are some fantastically ugly headphones. But they do happen to sound good, have impressive battery life, and right now you can pick them up for the lowest price we've ever seen them. Amazon has them for $115, but Focus Camera beats that with a tempting $100 offer.

Kindle Paperwhite: $30 to $40 off

Yes, we've also spotted a few deals for those of you not super-interested in smartphones at the moment. For instance, Amazons's got its new Paperwhite Kindles on discount already. Depending on the storage options you go with, you'll pay from $100 to $120 for these models.