Weather apps are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, but few are as popular or as religiously used as The Weather Channel's app. Over the past few days, the app has received an update that refreshes the entire interface and adds a few new features.

The new homescreen shows important alerts on top, matches the background hue to the current conditions, and offers quick access to multiple graphs. If you're missing your usual Weather Channel content, all you have to do is swipe up and you'll get today's details, the seasonal hub indexes, radar, videos, and more cards. A new bottom tab also lets you quickly switch between these, and a side menu on the left has temperature unit and notification toggles, plus access to more settings.

But perhaps the most thunderous of all new features are the new weather "stories." Move aside Instagram and Snapchat, stories are now mundane enough to be included in weather apps. You can swipe through snapshots of your forecast and other videos, tap to hear sound, and share, just like you're used to in other apps. There are also new trending conditions, though the explanation is a little foggy there. My best guess is these are the most popular metrics that people around you are checking out. If you have a better explanation, please, share it with us.

The new Weather Channel v9.0 has been rolling out on the Play Store, but if you don't have it just yet, you can also grab it from APK Mirror.

The Weather Channel is excited to bring you a fully reimagined app, carefully crafted with you in mind.

• New home screen: Weather graphs and instant insights
• Your daily weather snapshot: Personalized weather stories
• Trending conditions (tap the icon in the upper-right part of the home screen)
• New navigation bar (and you can still swipe up for more)