The Philips Hue is the largest and most well-known smart light ecosystem. If someone has connected light bulbs, there's a good chance they're Hue. However, those lights would always flip to full brightness when powered. Now, you've got options. The latest app update finally adds power-on behavior settings.

There are some other features in the new app, but nothing as important as the power-on behavior. Here's the changelog.

  • Affected products (Hue Bulbs (E26/E27/E12/E14/BR30/GU10), Hue Lightstrips, Hue Lamps);
  • Reliability, behavioural and security improvements;
  • Smoothening of light transitions in entertainment mode;
  • Enabling power-on behavior feature.

After updating, you can head into the setting for any connected bulb to decide what it does when it comes online. Previously, lights would just turn on full blast. That was a problem if you had unreliable power, and a minor annoyance if the light was on a switch. Maybe you don't want it to ever be on 100%. Now, you can choose between the original full brightness option and the last color and brightness mode. So, if the light was set to 0% before, it will stay off when it loses and regains power.

It would be nice to have a little more control, but this is still a huge step. The latest app update is live in the Play Store, and we've got it on APK Mirror.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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