Keeping a watchful eye on all areas of your home can be hard when power outlets aren't always available. There are battery-powered security cameras to help with that, and the best we've ever tested are the Arlo Pros. The first-gen Arlo Pro is on sale right now—the two-pack is about $275, which is the lowest price yet.

The Arlo Pro cameras have a rechargeable battery that lasts several months, but actual longevity depends on how much movement it sees. Your footage gets uploaded to the cloud and saved for one week free of charge. The system's dedicated wireless camera hub also has USB ports so you can save every video captured by the system. The Arlo Pro 2 moved from 720p to 1080p, but the video is a bit darker. Depending on where you want to put the cameras, the first-gen might be better for you.

Arlos come in various multi-camera packs, but the base model first-gen started at more than $400. It hasn't sold for that much in months, but the current $274.99 price tag is still about $75 down where it was a few weeks ago. The sale is valid at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Price drop

The 2-camera set has dropped again to $259—about $16 less than it was before. You can get that price at Amazon and Walmart. Best Buy is a few dollars more still.