Google is rolling out a new feature to the Play Store, but this one isn't aimed at getting you to install more apps or give Google more money. Check out the new donation hub in the Play Store, and you can give money directly to charities doing good things in the world. Google says that 100% of your donation goes right to the organizations you choose.

Here are the non-profits participating in the Google Play donation program.

  • American Red Cross
  • charity: water
  • Doctors Without Borders USA
  • Girls Who Code
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Room to Read
  • Save the Children
  • World Food Program USA
  • World Wildlife Fund US

The donation link only works on phones—if you open it on the web, the page tells you to use your phone. The program is also still rolling out, so not everyone will have access just yet. When you do, the Play Store lets you use any of your connected cards to donate money. It only takes a moment, and you don't have to give your card details to anyone new.

Tapping links feels positively old-fashioned? We hear you — and Google does too. In addition to letting users make donations through the Play Store, Google has also brought donations to its voice-powered Assistant.

Assuming your Assistant is set up to make purchases, all you have to do is tell it to donate so much money to the organization of your choice — doesn't get much easier than that.