We just got done telling you that the SHIELD Android TV is still a great device three years after release in part because it keeps getting updates. NVIDIA isn't stopping the updates, either. A new upgrade to the SHIELD is rolling out today with Amazon Music integration, NAS improvements, customizable Quick Settings, and more.

The 7.2 upgrade includes a few headlining features and a raft of smaller tweaks. Here's the full list.

  • More Ways to Control SHIELD Using Google Home
  • Control SHIELD with Alexa and Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Music support
  • The latest monthly Android security updates
  • Adds customizable Quick Settings (Settings > System > Customize Quick Settings)
  • Adds option to auto-upgrade SHIELD (Settings > About > System upgrade > Auto-upgrade)
  • Adds support for SMBv3 when mounting network storage (NAS or PC) to SHIELD
  • Automatically sets color mode when playing Rec. 709 content
  • Adds option to sleep idle USB drives (Settings > Storage & reset > Sleep drives when idle)
  • Fixes BT remote pairing issues (disable Settings > Security & restrictions > Bluetooth LE Privacy)
  • Adds ability to control soundbar power on/off via IR (Settings > Display & Sound > Power Control)
  • Adds network link speed when connected via Ethernet (Settings > Network > Connected)
  • [SHIELD 2015 and Pro] Adds notification to migrate app data from SD Card to internal storage
  • Adds ability to control TV/AVR volume over HDMI-CEC from Amazon Echo
  • Adds option to disconnect Bluetooth audio devices
  • Improves responsiveness of SHIELD TV mobile app when connected over Wi-Fi

Prime subscribers can connect their accounts to the new Amazon Music account to stream a variety of music on the SHIELD. If you just want to try the full Amazon Music service, there's a deal for three months at just $0.99 (regular price $7.99/mo). You'll also be able to control playback with Google Home and Echo devices. We've already had some Home integration on SHIELD, but this update apparently adds a few more commands like "Pause." NVIDIA also added some additional options for the Quick Settings (the menu items at the top of the settings UI). You can add links to SHIELD accessories, check for upgrade, and more.

The latest SHIELD software is rolling out now. If you don't see the notification, it should arrive in the very near future.