A new update was recently pushed out for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. It brings everyone's favorite black and white bear the panda, along with bamboo that's useful for creating scaffolding. Crossbows have also been added, which seems like an outlier compared to the pandas and bamboo. But hey, if you've ever felt the urge to shoot a panda with a crossbow, now's your chance thanks to the Minecraft 1.8 update.

The 1.8 update brings a little more than a new animal, plant, and weapon. You can also expect a new taming feature cats, along with few new achievements. For the full list of new features, please read below.

New Features in 1.8:

  • Pandas now spawn in jungles where they roll, lounge, and laze around!
  • Stray cats now spawn in villages
    • Cats can be tamed using fish
    • Ocelots are no longer tameable
    • Players can now feed ocelots to gain their trust
  • Bamboo can now be found while fishing in jungles and will appear in some chests (Spawning naturally in the world will come in a future update)
  • Scaffolding - A climbable block that can be crafted using bamboo
  • New Achievements
    • Where have you been? - Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning (20G)
    • Top of the World - Place scaffolding to the word limit (20G)
    • Zoologist - Breed two pandas with bamboo (40G)
  • Added randomTickSpeed game rule

Besides the 1.8 update, the beta channel has moved forward to This update brings the Minecraft script engine along with a few fixes. For the full list of new features in the beta, check out the list below.

New Features in beta

  • Minecraft Script Engine
    • Uses JavaScript.
    • Scripts can be written and bundled with Behavior Packs to listen and respond to game events, get and modify data in components
    • that entities have, and affect different parts of the game.
    • Only available on Windows 10, and only when the Use Experimental Gameplay setting is enabled.

As you can see, both the 1.8 update and the 1.9.03 beta update bring with them some exciting changes and features. I'm sure plenty of fans will be happy to play around with pandas or build scaffolding with bamboo, and those daring enough to check out the beta have a new scripting engine available that can edit data and modify different parts of the game. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and grab these updates.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $7.49+