Animated emoji can be a lot of fun, but they usually rely on advanced camera tracking software that is only available on a handful of devices — until now. CooTek just added the ability to create animated emoji (using a picture of your face) to TouchPal Keyboard, and the feature even works on all Android and iOS devices.

The latest addition to TouchPal Keyboard is 'AvatarMoji Live,' which can create reaction GIFs from a photo of your face. To get started, just download TouchPal Keyboard from the Play Store and set it as your default keyboard. Once you're typing in any app, just press the camera button at the top of the keyboard. TouchPal will walk you through taking a picture and customizing your AvatarMoji. You can mix and match hair styles, skin tones, and outfits.

Once the short setup process is completed, TouchPal generates dozens of GIFs ready to be shared in any app. You can even save the GIFs to your phone's storage for later use.

TouchPal has already offered another style of animated emoji for a while, which has been renamed to 'AvatarMoji Cartoon'. You can record 10-second clips of a polar bear, cat, dog, or other animals talking with your voice. It's a lot of fun, but unlike AvatarMoji Live, this feature only works on Android and not iOS.

Different styles of animated emoji aren't the only features TouchPal has to offer, either. The keyboard also has the AI-powered virtual assistant Talia, which provides accurate word predictions, intelligent replies, currency conversions, and more. Talia can also recommend AvatarMoji in a conversation — for example, it will suggest the 'Hello' AvatarMoji after you say hi to someone. TouchPal also includes GIFs, stickers, voice typing, and all the other features you would expect from a modern keyboard application.

You can download TouchPal Keyboard on the Play Store for free from the link below (it’s available for iOS too) and express yourself in a perfect way through AvatarMoji.

CooTek (NYSE: CTK), the developer behind TouchPal Keyboard, has also developed other great apps with rich and customized contents, like Abs Workout, Cherry (a female healthcare community), VeeU (for sharing short videos) and more. The company’s mission is to empower everyone to express themselves and enjoy relevant content seamlessly.

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