Over the past month or so, a strange bug has been affecting the Lenovo Smart Display. In some cases, voice responses from Google Assistant would start at 0% volume, then slowly raise to the actual volume after a few words. Multiple owners have reported the bug, including our own Artem (#artemsluck), but Lenovo says the glitch has finally been fixed.

On the main thread for bug reports, Lenovo has responded with the following statement:

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for confirming that the issue still has not been resolved.

A firmware update will be released and pushed to your devices. I do not have a timeline but I am letting you know that issue has been identified and patched. [...] Thank you for your understanding and patience.

It's unclear if the fix is part of the "R5" upgrade, which started rolling out today, or it will come in a separate future update. Either way, the volume bug should be fixed for everyone soon.

Lenovo has confirmed that the volume fix is indeed part of the R5 update