The Google Home app only gets an update around once a month, but that generally means that more changes are implemented each time. With version 2.8, a Routines button has been added to the home screen, and there's now a deep link to the Nest app in the Thermostat and Camera sections.


Left: v2.7. Right: v2.8. Yes, Artem has a TV in his bathroom.

The Routines button is the highlight here, allowing for quicker access to the various routines you've set up. In case you're unfamiliar, routines allow multiple actions to be completed with one voice command. For instance, you can set the lights to turn on and your calendar events for the day to be read to you with just one "Good morning" command.

Left: v2.7. Right: v2.8.

The other change we've spotted is the addition of a Nest icon to the top right corner of the Thermostat and Camera screens. This deep linking brings you directly to the the exact thermostat/camera device you were looking at in the Nest app, where you can further fine-tune the settings. It's a convenient addition that should save you several clicks and swipes.

This update should be live on the Play Store right now, but we've got the Home v2.8 APK over at APK Mirror if you need it. Let us know if you spot anything else new.

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