Amazon makes the best e-readers around — mostly because Barnes & Noble hasn't refreshed its Nook lineup in years (excluding the recent LCD tablet) and Google never entered the market. New models of the Kindle Paperwhite arrived a few months ago, and now they're on sale for the first time.

The Paperwhite with 8GB storage is currently $99.99 ($30 off), and the 32GB model is $119.99 ($40 off). That extra capacity is mostly for storing Audible audiobooks, which can be listened to over Bluetooth. The new Paperwhites are also IPX8 waterproof and feature a backlight.

The only drawback is that the models on sale contain lockscreen ads, but honestly, they don't get in the way at all. You can opt out of the ads for an extra $20 through the device's settings (or at the time of purchase).