The latest update to the music discovery app Pandora finally adds a much-requested feature — podcasts. More than 100,000 episodes across a wide range of genres are available through Pandora as of the latest version, so if you're a heavy user of the app who's been going elsewhere for your pods, you no longer need to.

As is the Pandora way, podcasts will have up and down thumbs for you to vote with, and it'll personalize recommendations based on your preferences. Thanks to Pandora's Podcast Genome Project and a variety of natural language processing and machine learning techniques, it believes it will be able to effortlessly prescribe exactly what you want when you want it.

I know, it's an iPhone, but try to ignore it.

If you run a podcast yourself and you want to get your content on Pandora, there's a form to fill in (or fill out, if you want to be American about it). Podcasts are available to both free and paid users. If you have the latest update, head to My Collections > Podcasts to check out shows you've subscribed to. Unfortunately, it's not possible to download them for online listening just yet.