The Android faithful will know that Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra has long made various Android vinyl figures. They look like businessmen, skeletons, astronauts, and all kinds of neat stuff. Never before has there been a holiday ornament version, though. Dead Zebra will sell you a special edition Android mini ornament tomorrow (December 12).

The ornament Android comes in either green or silver, both of which have a loop on top so you can attach a hook (included) and hang it from your Christmas tree or secular holiday shrub. They're the same 3-inch design as the other minis, but the product page cautions the finish is less durable. You should be particularly careful touching the glittery parts and the loop on the top.

Dead Zebra will commence sales at 11AM ET tomorrow, but we don't have a price yet. The other special edition minis have been around $12, so I wouldn't expect these to be much different. They'll only be available for a limited time once sales begin.