LG's announcement of the Watch W7 was met with jeers and derision. That was not only because mechanical hands on a smartwatch are a bit silly, but LG wanted a whopping $450 for the device. That was a tough sell in a world where Android smartwatches have yet to prove their utility, but that price didn't last long. After dropping almost immediately to $250, the Lg Watch Wy is now down another $30.

The Watch W7 has been rumored since early 2018, which probably explains why it still has the old Snapdragon 2100 instead of the 3100. So, the only thing setting the W7 apart from all the other Wear OS devices is that it has mechanical hands. They can obscure what you're reading on the display, but the button on the side turns the hands horizontal and moves the content up a bit. I guess that sort of works.

The latest $30 price drop brings the Watch W7 to $219.99 on B&H. That's a total of $230 off the original price. If you were considering this device at the higher price, now may be the time to jump on it. Still, all these price drops don't bode well for the future of this device.