The fight for the headphone jack seems to be a losing battle, much to my own cable-loving chagrin. With the simultaneous popularity of Bluetooth headphone deals and a growing tolerance for jack-less phones, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the question: What kind of headphones are you using for your phone?

We've done this poll before, and I'd like to see how the number may have changed over the years — specifically if you've been moving to wireless headphones in droves, as comments seem to suggest. My lifestyle is still very much tethered when it comes to audio, I'll never be able to give up that convenience. But that attitude seems to become more niche, and prices on even "truly wireless" earbuds have fallen dramatically in the last year.

So, what sort of headphones are you rockin' when you rock out on your phone? We'll keep the options the same as before for better comparison, and feel free to select all that apply if you use more than one kind.

What kind of headphones do you use with your smartphone?

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