Xiaomi's Mi Box S is already an almost-too-good-to-be-true bargain. For less than the price of a Chromecast Ultra, you get 4K, HDR streaming apps on your TV — and it works as a Chromecast receiver. The streaming box was down to $50 last month, and now it's even cheaper: just 40 bucks.

A cheap Android TV box is one of the best ways to get smarts to your non-smart TV (they do still exist), or to upgrade the terrible apps that came pre-loaded on a smart TV that's smart only in name. The Mi Box S fits the bill, with all the apps you could want (well, except Amazon Video), and 4K capabilities to boot.

Unlike the last sale, there's no option to bundle it with a Google Home Mini this time, but those are currently $30 apiece, so buying them separately matches the old bundle price anyway. Hit the link below to grab yours.