Have you heard about this website, Facebook? The social network is crazy popular, boasting more than two billion users — that's more than a quarter of the planet's population. As a testament to its wild popularity, the lite version of Facebook, appropriately named Facebook Lite, now has more than one billion installs on the Play Store.

Like many lite apps, Facebook Lite has a smaller footprint and lower system requirements than the full Facebook app, weighing in at just 1.28 megabytes compared to its big brother's bloated 67. It's popular in developing markets where fewer users have access to high-end electronics, but it's also good for people who just want Facebook's basic networking functions without all the cruft.

Facebook's full Android app was the first non-Google app to pass a billion installs nearly five years ago, and Messenger joined it the following year.

Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free