Most apps have their region locks circumvented by simply installing the APK via a third-party source, like APK Mirror. However, YouTube Kids in particular actually has the ability to disable itself if it detects you're not in a supported country. That auto-disabling will no longer be a concern for users in six additional countries, bringing the total to 49.

Without further ado, here's the list:

  • Albania
  • Croatia
  • Luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro (Living Room Smart TVs only)
  • Serbia (Android and Smart TVs only)

All of the countries above, with the exception of Montenegro, now have full functionality of YouTube Kids. We're not sure why Montenegro in particular has only been given the Living Room feature, but that's what Google decided to do.

You can grab YouTube Kids via APK Mirror or the Play Store widget below.

A few hours after Google published its list of YouTube Kids-supporting nations, including the new additions above, the company circled back and made some edits.

Albania is no longer listed among the countries where YouTube Kids is available, nor is Croatia. Luxembourg remains present, as does Macedonia. Montenegro's note is clarified, now specifying support exclusively for smart TVs, and Serbia picks up a previously absent note, marking support for both smart TVs and Android devices.

With any luck, Google just jumped the gun on Albania and Croatia, and hopefully we'll see them return soon.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
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