Xiaomi is celebrating a strange milestone today. According to a tweet by the company's global VP, Xiaomi has 700,000 users, which presumably means the company has seen about as many sales. It's an odd milestone to be celebrating — 700K in "over three months" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue — but it's a good indicator of the company's success in its Pocophone experiment, especially when compared to OnePlus.

It's tough to frame numbers like these, but there is actually one avenue of almost ideal comparison: OnePlus sold "over a million" OnePlus One units in eight months at launch. Xiaomi's 700,000 in just over three months indicates a similar (and maybe even slightly better) volume of sales.

As direct competitors, this comparison and these numbers could be a bit concerning for OnePlus. It may not be a problem now, after all, OnePlus broke a million sales for the OnePlus 6 in less than a month earlier this year. But everyone has to start somewhere, and these numbers could demonstrate Xiaomi making a bigger splash with the Pocophone's debut than the original OnePlus One did — and OnePlus had the advantage of US market availability.

Curiously, the POCO Launcher shows over a million downloads on its Play Store listing, so quite a lot of people must be using the software without its associated phone if Xiaomi is claiming only 700,000 units sold.

Driving these sales is the obvious value the Pocophone poses, with its generally flagship-level specs at a ridiculous ~$300 price. AP's Rita El Khoury had plenty of positive things to say in her review — at least, outside of MIUI, which is apparently still pretty bad. I actually ordered one for myself, and it's due here in the next two days, so look forward to anything more we might have to say on the subject. In the meantime, Xiaomi's 700,000 in unit sales speaks for itself.