Battery technology has been slow to evolve, which limits how much processing power we can pack into pocket-sized devices. If only there was some magical new technology that could solve the world's battery woes. Graphene? Lithium-air? No, the answer, friends, is the ASUS ROG Phone. This modern marvel of mobile technology has two USB-C ports, so obviously, it can charge itself.

The ROG Phone has the usual USB port on the bottom of the phone for charging, but it's a gaming phone. Gaming phones need to have extra things. Thus, there is a second USB port on the side of the phone to attach various accessories like the active cooling bracket and desktop dock. It turns out you can also run a Type-C cable from one port to the other and the phone thinks it's charging. The phone also thinks it's a USB drive. See below.

So... can you get unlimited power with this one simple trick? Sadly, no. The phone isn't really charging—it's just confused. You will, unfortunately, still have to plug in the ROG Phone to charge the battery. The phone's inability to understand that it has two ports is amusing, though.