It seems like the Play Store is always getting minute little tests and rollouts, but something useful is being added for once. A tipster spotted a handy storage bar in the 'My Apps' section of the Play Store app on his devices, though the rollout seems to be pretty limited for now.

Note: The green navigation bar is a mod, not part of the update.

Under the 'Installed' tab in 'My Apps,' there's a storage indicator that shows what percentage of your storage has been used and how many GBs are free. Tap on that and you'll be brought to a list of your apps that you can uninstall, starting with those that the Play Store detects you haven't really used.

This is a pretty convenient addition, and we hope that it rolls out to more people soon. Thus far, it's only shown up on one tipster's devices, including his Pixelbook, on Play Store version 12.7.23. However, nobody on the AP staff with 12.7.23 has this, so it's definitely a server-side rollout. Let us know if it's shown up on your devices.

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  • Zachary Kew-Dennis