When the December security patches arrived yesterday excluding the 2016 Pixels once again, original Pixel owners no doubt wondered if they would have to wait until the end of the month to nab their update like they did in November. Thankfully, that's not the case this month as the factory images and OTAs have arrived just one day late for the first-generation Pixels.

Of course, one day late still isn't ideal for Google hardware, and there's no clear explanation why the delay exists, but ultimately it's a relief that there won't be another several weeks' wait. If you're eager to get the update and the OTA has yet to hit your phone, you can sideload the files using the system images or OTA files linked below.

Along with several patches for security vulnerabilities, original Pixel owners can expect to see two Bluetooth-related functional patches: an adjustment on volume behavior when toggling Bluetooth and improved unlocking performance when using Bluetooth. Neither are as highly anticipated as the memory fix rolled out to the Pixel 3, but any fix that makes Bluetooth smoother to use is a-okay in my book.