Sonos makes some darn fine and darn expensive audio gear. The popular Sonos One is a small but powerful streaming speaker, and normally sells for a very premium $199. It's $20 off right now in Sonos's holiday sale, bringing the price down to $179. A two-pack can be had for $348, which is $30 to $50 off, depending on who you ask.

We saw similar pricing on the One during Sonos's Black Friday sale. The company says the two-pack is $50 off at $348, but Amazon has been selling the bundle for $380 since May. Either way, it is $50 off buying two of the speakers separately at full price.

There are three- and four-packs available, too, if you want to get nuts with it. The trio runs $527 ($70 off buying separately at full price), and a four-banger will set you back $696 ($100 off MSRP). The speakers are available in black or white from a number of retailers. There's no hard date on when this promo price expires, but it being a holiday-themed sale implies you'll need to buy in the next couple weeks to save.