It's that time of the year when 'best of' lists are simply unavoidable — even we have our Most Wanted series where we call out the best products from 2018. Google also likes to point to the most popular content it sells on the Play Store, including the best apps, games, movies, and more. This year there's also a new 'Fan Favorite' category, as voted for by you.

You can see the main categories and winners below (for the US, but they will vary by region), although there are also more granular lists on the main Google Play Awards page, such as 'Most Entertaining' app and 'Best Hidden Gem' — perfect if you're looking for some fresh apps to sink your teeth into.

It's no surprise to see PUBG win the both the 'User's Choice' and normal award for best game, with 'Avengers: Infinity War' also a predictable award. It's good to see Google's award for best app go to an educational/language learning resource called Drops. See the full list of the main awards below and you might get some good tips for things to watch, read, or listen to.