If you're like me, the majority of your interactions with the Google Assistant are questions about the weather. What's it like now? What'll it be like tomorrow? Is it raining in Seattle? Right now, though, such questions are going unanswered, as Google seems to be having trouble delivering weather information for many.

We're getting reports that the Assistant is unable to deliver current weather information or forecasts through most avenues. Asking an Assistant-equipped speaker returns an error message ("Sorry, I don't understand"), while asking on a phone will show a temperature of zero degrees and a suggestion to check weather.com.

I don't believe you, Google.

Pixel devices aren't showing weather on the home screen or lock screen, either. The Google app's weather shortcut shows the familiar little frog fella looking perplexed (as seen above), which is fun, but not very informative.

If you need to know what the weather is like before this gets sorted out, Googling it from a desktop browser still seems to be working (as do the million other sources of weather information online). You could also step outside.

Google seems to have resolved its weather issues, as forecasts are working just fine for us once again, across both Assistant on phones and Home devices.

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