Reddit has made some substantial changes in the last couple of years with the launch of an official app, a new site design, and (most recently) a new system for "gilding" posts. Now, the official Android app is getting a related update. You can now make in-app purchases to get Reddit Coins—up to $100 worth of them.

The IAPs are the main change here, but there are other tweaks in this version. Here's the changelog.

  • Added mod queue chat rooms for subreddits
  • Enabled auto-mute users on joining room
  • Reduced classic mode data usage
  • Fixed crossposted videos autoplaying w/ sound
  • Fixed “Show my user flair in this community" setting being randomly disabled
  • Fixed saving GIFs as videos
  • You can now buy Reddit Coins and Awards using in-app payments
  • You can now use the Award icon on comments pages to award posts and comments
  • Fixed HTML elements appearing when editing comments

I'm not going to try to explain every facet of the new Reddit Coin system because it's a weirdly complex replacement for something that used to be dead-simple. The gist is that "Reddit Premium" subscriptions let you spend $5.99 per month to get the features that used to be part of Gold. You also get coins, which allow you to award good posts with silver, gold, and platinum. Silver and gold are just icons, but platinum is an icon and a month of premium. You can read through Reddit's painfully complex explainer here.

But how does this pertain to the app? Well, Reddit's Android app has ads unless you have a premium subscription (previously just Gold). If you don't have an ongoing subscription, you have the option of just buying a bundle of coins to use. The new version lets you buy the associated coin bundles as in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $99.99. The Coin shortcut is right in the navigation menu, which also shows you how many coins you currently have. So, this is Reddit now. Enjoy.

Developer: reddit Inc.
Price: Free+