We often take a few features of our smartphones for granted. Those of you who live in the US usually get access to all the cool new things first, followed by a few countries like the UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia. Living in Lebanon and writing about tech, this feature inequality struggle is part of my everyday life, but there's one privilege I have now that I've started taking for granted too — the basic of all basics: purchasing apps on the Play Store. There are still countries out there where paid apps aren't available, but two of them are moving up.

According to an updated Play Console support document, developers can now offer their paid apps, games, and in-app purchases for Georgia and Myanmar — two countries that were previously limited to free apps only. In Georgia, prices can range from GEL 2 (~$0.75) to 1,100 (~$411), while in Myanmar they can go from MMK 1,500 (~$0.95) to 620,000 ($391).

The Play Console also added support for local pricing in two other countries, which used to have USD prices before: Paraguay (PYG 5,700 to 2,400,000) and Serbia (RSD 99 to 41,000 ).

If you're a developer with paid apps or in-app purchases, you should check out your Play Console and make sure you have the appropriate prices for these countries. And if you're a user, you'll probably need to wait a bit before starting to see the changes on your side.