Based on a handful of reports on the OnePlus product forums, some 6T owners have run into a problem with their phone's display in which a pixelated sort of "wave" or pulse of bright colors travels up or down the screen. A reliable trigger can't seem to be found, but for those that are affected, it appears to happen more often on the lock screen while using either OnePlus' face recognition or the in-display fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone.

The issue — which our Cody Toombs aptly described as "like something changed in the Matrix" — is demonstrated in the video below:

Based on reports, a factory reset can't fix the problem, and it doesn't appear to be tied to any specific SKU. Thankfully for those affected, it isn't a persistent or ongoing issue, happening only sporadically.

Although it seems only a handful are experiencing the problem, we nevertheless reached out to OnePlus on the subject to see if it was an issue the company was familiar with, and no response was forthcoming.

None of us here at Android Police have run into the problem, but anecdotal reports are nothing more than another data point. Given the intermittent nature of the issue, it's possible the problem could be more widespread than the limited number of reports in the forum post suggest, but it's just as possible only a few phones suffer the issue.