Spotify recently blessed most of the Arab world with its service, giving poor souls like me an option to officially subscribe without having to jump through hoops for an account in another country. If you live in India, you probably know the struggle much more than I do, but good news is coming your way. A report from Variety says that Spotify might launch in India in the next six months.

The Indian market wasn't left devoid of music streaming options. Google Play Music (but not YouTube Music yet), Apple Music, and Amazon Music are already available, and so are local popular services Saavn and Gaana. Spotify has been rumored to enter the billion user market for years, with talks of acquisitions of the latter two services flying left and right, but it seems that these deals never went through and Spotify decided to go it alone. An office in Mumbai is one of the many signs that the official launch is nearing.

There's no exact date or word about pricing, but Variety reports that the service might launch in India with a generous free trial of the Premium service — longer than 30 days. We'll keep our eyes open and let you know when we know more.